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I thought i would start off my new blog with a review on what i have been obsessed with the most this past month AND when i mean obsessed, i mean i have gone out and bought nearly the WHOLE skin care range. Mario baby you have done good.

Mario Badescu has taken the skincare industry by storm. My first ever item i bought from him was the ‘facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater’, which lets be honest, i only got it because everyone was raving about in on Instagram and YouTube. Now i had never used a facial spray before, so i didn’t really know what difference spraying water on your face would make. But let me tell you, this little beauty has not only reduced my redness on my face, it also instantly gives you a glow. I can now just leave the house with spraying this on my face and feel like i don’t have to wear makeup, its that good. Also, the best part about this gem is that its only £7 absolute bargain!!!!

Sadly, when my spray was finished i new it was due time for a repurchase. Luckily for my Nottingham huns, they sell it in Urban Outfitters which saves me having to order it online with that added postage cost. This time I thought i would give some more of his products a try. Which led me to buying his the new ‘facial spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea’ which i tell you is just as good and i cant believe im saying this but, maybe even better than the ‘rosewater spray’. Im always a sucker for skincare that has the word glow in it so i also bought the ‘Brightening’ set, as your girl loves to glow. The set included:

  • Glycolic Foaming Cleanser
  • Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion

    Image result for mario badescu brightening kit
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  • Whitening Mask
  • Vitamin C Serum

The set features five specially formulated formulas which are enriched with Vitamins, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Plant and Fruit Extracts to bring you a revitalised and even-toned complexion, The Brightening Kit offers a complete regime from a cleanser and toner to a serum, treatment and facial mask. Diminishing the appearance of dark spots and sun damage, these beautiful, skin caring products defend the skin and encourage skin cell renewal to bring you a complexion that looks and feels amazing. Naturally soothing and calming your skin, The Brightening Kit intensely hydrates your skin for a youthful outlook.

I first used the cleaner and toner, which worked perfectly together to give your face an instant glow as well as a baby soft feel. I have only used these a couple times so i am yet to let you know how i get on. Secondly, I’m always a sucker for a face mask, so of course i was going to use the ‘whitening mask’ straight away. I had read the reviews on this mask; its been voted one of the best at reducing/fighting acne as well as, a great success rate on reducing the appearance of acne scars and dark spots. Luckily for me i have never experienced severe acne, however now and again i do get spots, especially around my T-zone area as i have combination skin. This mask is amazing at reducing the appearance of blackheads and the dark spots on my face have nearly all disappeared!!

I have a few other products from the Mario Badescu range still yet to try, but i will definitely be trying everything! I fully recommend Mario Badescus’ skincare range if you have troubled skin or even just sensitive skin like me. It caters for all skin types. I promise you will see results with the first use of his products. I am excited to keep trying his products, as my skin isn’t perfect, but its now the best it has been in a long time.

Image result for mario badescu spray
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Image result for mario badescu spray
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