Yellow; my new obssession

If you couldn’t tell, I have been obsessed with the colour yellow ever since I bought my yellow faux suede jacket off Missguided. I have worn it every day since.



Yes, I love wearing anything that is monochrome and I always will. However, I thought it was time to venture into other colours and of course, I decided to go with the brightest possible colour there is on the spectrum. Yellow. I associate the colour yellow with happiness, energised and optimism and whenever I wear yellow, I feel all of those emotions. A way I’ve found to revamp your favourite outfits that you wear over and over again is to add a statement colour or a statement bag into the outfit (or in my case both). I have been wearing these black mom jeans and the black slogan tee for a while now and it had got to the point where I thought people would start noticing its the only outfit I wear, as it is my favourite outfit to wear (i know I’m not the only person who does this..) By adding my statement yellow jacket and yellow bag, it has totally changed the whole outfit. Meaning  I can now get away with wearing the same outfit more often, BONUS!


My newfound love for yellow brought me onto buying my new favourite bag, which of course is in the colour yellow… shock. I’ve been looking for the perfect tote bag with metal ring handles for a while now, since I noticed them taking over the Chloé runway.   I LOVE that the tiniest detail can give a bag a statement look. You will be seeing me pairing this bag with a lot of monochrome outfits. I found this perfect mustard tote bag, off my new favourite website!! I 100%  will be shopping on there all the time now, as I have already spotted a tonne of clothing I NEED. Roll on payday.

My whole outfit will be linked below.

camtemp (1)IMG_5443


Yellow faux suede jack – Click here 

Yellow faux suede tote bag – Click here

Black slogan tee – Click here

Black Mom jeans – Click here

Black heeled ankle boots (similar) – Click here

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