Wearing red in Cyprus

You can probably tell from my Instagram that I have just spent the past week in Paphos, Cyprus. My very good friend Natalea hasn’t been abroad for 12 years(!!!!!) and after finally pestering her enough to get her passport renewed she finally did and the next thing we knew, we were booking a weeks holiday to Cyprus. I mean who doesn’t want an excuse to soak up the last of the summer sun?!


My favourite outfit of the holiday was this beautiful floral res dress. Personally, I’m not a dress kinda girl… even my own family would rarely see me wear a dress. However, when I saw this red dress on ASOS, I instantly fell in love. Now I’m not the biggest fan of wearing red, as too me, I  don’t think it suits my complexion. However, this shade of red was screaming at me to buy it! next thing I knew, the postman was knocking on my door with a big ASOS delivery (I have an addiction).


 The shape of this dress is very flattering. It flows beautifully at the bottom but also sinches you in at the waist at the same time, so that you still look like you have a figure. My favourite part of the dress has to be the back. It has a keyhole effect in which your back is on show, but its just enough so that the dress still keeps its class. The dress ties up at the back, which is very helpful if you have small or broad shoulders, as you can tie it to your desired fit.


I decided to pair this dress with my favourite pair of heeled sandals, which are by far the comfiest pair of heels I have ever owned. I could wear them all day, every day.  For the bag, I decided to keep it simple as the dress had a lot going on, with the flower pattern and then the ruffles on the back. So I teamed it with my little black bag from Mango which I have had since forever. Finally, I added a flower to my hair, which yes, I did steal from a Greek lady’s garden, but what is a holiday Instagram photo without a pretty flower behind your ear?? 🌺



My whole outfit will be all linked below.

All my rings are from Pandora 

Boohoo red dress – Click here to buy

Topshop heeled sandals (similar) – Click here to buy

Mango clutch bad (similar) – Click here to buy







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